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Pocket Jazz Trio live band | party band | wedding band | event band

Small Band. Big Sound.

The POCKET JAZZ TRIO is the international jazz party band, live band and wedding band for every occasion: event, stage, fair, wedding, party, sofa concert. From Berlin for all of Germany. No matter what you have in mind for your event, the trio creates the perfect musical setting for it. With a unique concept it differs from other party bands and wedding ensembles in Berlin, because here the strengths of a small trio are combined with those of a big band. Thus, it delights the guests of your party and helps you to make your event an unforgettable experience! Read on for a more detailed description of the POCKET JAZZ TRIO, your jazz live band in Berlin.

Introducing... the small Jazz big band for your pocket.

International. From Berlin.

The POCKET JAZZ TRIO is the lively, energetic and playful jazz band project of drummer and bandleader Andreas Kunert (Germany). For this formation he has chosen an international line-up consisting of pianist Daniel Schwarzwald (Israel) and double bass player Roz Macdonald (Scotland). Together they are a jazz live band (and also party band, wedding band and event band), which simply swings and carries this spirit, this momentum, into the audience.

Whether relaxed and discreet in the background for you to tap along or intensely in the foreground, where the trio becomes the main attraction and and gets down to business: the band skillfully moves through all these shades of intensity, even over the course of a single evening. This is the only way it deserves to be a real party band or wedding band. Musically, the trio has that all-important feel for the moment and their audience, and, equipped with a huge repertoire, they will cater entirely to your wishes and ideas. Thus, the POCKET JAZZ TRIO helps you achieve what you expect from music... yes, they will even play the bridal waltz for you (as part of the repertoire as a wedding band).

What is special about the music of the POCKET JAZZ TRIO?

Stylistically, the ensemble loves to play between two worlds: On the one hand, a playful trio setting (examples: Ray Brown Trio, Oscar Peterson Trio) with strong spontaneity, where the audience can marvel at the interplay and improvisation of the musicians again and again; and on the other hand, an energetic jazz big band interpretation (examples: Count Basie Orchestra, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Benny Goodman), where the audience is thrilled by exciting, composed arrangements full of kicks and big moments. It is truly a small big band for your pocket: the POCKET JAZZ TRIO! The party band, wedding band or concert band maybe also for your event.

And what does this trio's jazz sound like?

The band members got to know each other on the stages of the jazz scene in Berlin, which counts as one of the most influential in the world. However, they felt at home precisely in the typical Berlin force field between zeitgeist and tradition and between Orient and Occident, thereby giving swing and jazz a much more personal touch and unique color. And so even well-known jazz melodies shine in a refreshing brilliance and with a certain touch of humor. You have surely never heard jazz like this before! The POCKET JAZZ TRIO is a party band with high standards, profoundness and style. Listen for yourself in the numerous videos and audio samples!

Small and agile. The jazz live band with great flexibility.

The POCKET JAZZ TRIO is a purely acoustic party band, (wedding band, live band, event band). Therefore it only needs itself and its instruments, in the best case. Of course, if desired and depending on the size of the room, amplification can also be used, but the audience appreciates this formation for precisely its wide dynamic spectrum from loud to very quiet. A piano at the venue is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. In this case, the trio brings its own from Berlin.

In the special formation POCKET JAZZ TRIO & friends, the trio is expanded by additional musicians (e.g. vocals, saxophone, trumpet, etc.), which further opens up a whole new world of possibilities in sound. Likewise, if desired, the trio can play as a party band with little space requirement in a minimalistic POCKET setup (with reduced instruments: snare drum with brushes/sticks, double bass, electric piano/melodica).

Get to know the jazz band...

Now we let the music speak for itself... discover now the jazz party band (wedding band, live band, event band) in the numerous videos and audio samples on this website! The best thing to do is to start below with the portrait video of POCKET JAZZ TRIO & friends. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, anniversary, trade fair, gala, cocktail party, housewarming party, topping-out ceremony, sofa concert: sit back and enjoy! Because the POCKET JAZZ TRIO takes care of everything. After all, the stresses and strains around the preparations of your event have been exhausting enough. You will be grateful for a professional band that you can trust...

By the way, agencies and event planners of larger events can find the band's Technical Rider or stage setup plan . If you are looking for a template of a Musical Performance Contract or Guest Performance Contract you can find it here to download.

Watch the video!

POCKET JAZZ TRIO playing on the portrait film

english subtitles available!

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